Speech/Language Services in the schools

The speech/language therapy program at South and Iron Springs involves more than just working with children who say “wabbit” for “rabbit” or “thister” for “sister”.  Although speech therapy is an important part of what we offer, language therapy (including pre-reading skills, understanding the meaning of words, and using language in social situations) is an equally big part of our focus.  Because a solid foundation in oral (spoken) language is essential for success with reading and writing, we take a collaborative approach utilizing our Reading Specialist, Resource Teachers, and Classroom Teachers to identify and provide intervention for children who struggle in these areas.  As part of the Special Education team, we provide individual and small group help specifically tailored to meet the needs of each child we work with.

New iPad Technology

New this year are iPads, used as additional "hands on" tools to help with articulation, vocabulary, pre-reading skills, motivation, and overall communication.  Our goal is to provide meaningful activities that reinforce skills that are taught in the classroom.  The new technology will not replace group interactions, but will allow more diversity in our service delivery and hopefully lead to greater independence in the school setting.

Speech/Language Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants are passionate about teaching and dedicated to making a difference in your child's life.  We welcome Juli Corry back to South Elementary, and are looking forward to having Kimber Myers at Iron Springs.  Both women have incredible energy and enthusiasm that carries over into the therapy they provide.  We are fortunate to have them join our team.

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Sue Harris, CCC-SLP
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